When she was eighty-seven years old, Beryl moved to Wilcherry to avoid the family curse. On her ninetieth birthday, the dingo showed up in Beryl’s living room.

Putting her cup of tea on the kitchen counter to avoid throwing it at the dog, Beryl sat on the couch. “There aren’t any dingoes in this area.”

The dingo yawned. “And you thought that would stop me?”

Beryl shook her head, resigning herself to her reincarnation.

“What’s it to be this time,” the dingo asked. “Wombat? Echidna? Galah?”

“Nothing that flies; I’m scared of heights,” Beryl said.


“Too fast.”


“Too cute.”

The dingo rubbed his face against his paw. “Turtle?”


“Done.” The dingo jumped off the chair and walked toward Beryl.

She took a last look around her home, thinking of her human life, and how painful and wonderful it had been. Closing her eyes, Beryl held out her hand. The dingo bit her palm. It felt like a kiss.


Magical Realism

  • Being given a choice about your next reincarnation


Microfiction is a label used to indicate the word count range of a story. There is no standard, but most people consider microfiction to be very short flash fiction, so a few words up to 300 words. All of the microfiction stories on the Potted Galaxy are 300 words or less.

Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is also a label about word count. Again, no standards, though 2,500 words or less is a good estimate if you want to write flash fiction.

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