When first assigned to arbitrate the Felidae Accords, Divine Moderator Sandusky followed Robert’s Rules of Order. None of the deities cooperated and his pay was docked to replace the curtains. He tried various venues and different times of day (and night). He was ignored, scratched, bitten, and his pay was docked to replace the curtains. 

His boss hinted Sandusky could request re-assignment; all previous moderators on this account had. Sandusky shook his head, then went home and thought of nothing else. His neglected Maine Coon demanded attention by jumping onto the kitchen counter and knocking Sandusky’s glass of wine to the floor.

Absently rubbing behind the purring cat’s ear, Sandusky stared at the broken glass and spreading red stain.

He stopped sending meeting invites. He let all calls from participants go to voice mail. He let slip he had a reservation for a solitary nightcap at Le Chat Noir Nouveau. He left out the paperwork and ink pads and showed up an hour late.

Sandusky received a bonus for closing that century-old account. He used part of the money to buy bonito flakes for his cat and the rest went to Le Chat’s owner to replace the curtains.


Magical Realism

  • Herding god cats


Microfiction is a label used to indicate the word count range of a story. There is no standard, but most people consider microfiction to be very short flash fiction, so a few words up to 300 words. All of the microfiction stories on the Potted Galaxy are 300 words or less.

Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is also a label about word count. Again, no standards, though 2,500 words or less is a good estimate if you want to write flash fiction.

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