As far as celestial punishments go, being trapped in a pyramid for three millennia wasn’t that bad.

The comet smashed a golf ball off the tee, launching it at the wall. Bouncing off the angled, brick surface, the ball buried itself in the sandy floor.

Uncle Lexell disappeared. Some say he intentionally collided with Jupiter, unwilling to serve his sentence.

The comet straightened the tee. Another golf ball appeared. Same smash, same point of impact.

If you agree to serve your time, you get one request. With limitations, of course. They’re not going to give you a shovel to dig your way out.

The comet swung again. A sliver of brick chipped off the wall.


Magical Realism

  • You’d think they would’ve picked a better material than bricks to build that prison pyramid.


Microfiction is a label used to indicate the word count range of a story. There is no standard, but most people consider microfiction to be very short flash fiction, so a few words up to 300 words. All of the microfiction stories on the Potted Galaxy are 300 words or less.

Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is also a label about word count. Again, no standards, though 2,500 words or less is a good estimate if you want to write flash fiction.

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