In Japan, there is a bat who swallowed a planet. The newly sprouted celestial had murmured at the frequency of ocean waves, a siren for the Myotis segrikalov.

The next morning, the technician in charge of the greenhouse found the bat, asleep behind a potted galaxy. She placed the bat in a bird cage and swept up the spilled space dust and debris.

Everyone expected the planet to pass through the bat’s digestive system within the week. Ten years later, the bat still snores with the rhythm of ocean waves.


  • Mouse-eared bats are of the genus Myotis

Magical Realism

  • segrikalov refers to Sakaki Segrikalov who discovered this species of bat who feeds upon astrobotanicals.
  • Greenhouses growing suns, planets, comets, and other space-related entities should take the appropriate precautions to protect their crops.

Author Notes


Microfiction is a label used to indicate the word count range of a story. There is no standard, but most people consider microfiction to be very short flash fiction, so a few words up to 300 words. All of the microfiction stories on the Potted Galaxy are 300 words or less.

Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is also a label about word count. Again, no standards, though 2,500 words or less is a good estimate if you want to write flash fiction.

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